20th Annual International Sunni Ijtema concludes in Mumbai

By Rehan Ansari, TwoCircles.net,

Mumbai: Quran is a catalogue for all time revealed 1400 years ago by the Creator of this world and it can never be kept aside, Allama Qamruzzaman Khan Azmi, General Secretary, World Islamic Mission said addressing the last day of 20th Annual International Sunni Ijtema here on Sunday.

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Addressing tens of thousands of people at the ijtema conducted by Sunni Dawate Islami at Azad Maidan, Allama Azmi said: “Just check out the principles of witness in Islam, there are punishment for the witness who lies, but today there is nothing like it and therefore injustices are prevailing in our society.”

Like these, he said, many things revealed 1400 years ago but are applicable even today because human nature can’t be changed and these laws are revealed by the one who created this world. He said, “It’s like a catalogue for this world revealed by its creator.”

Maulana Shakir Noorie, Amir Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat, referring to West, explained that Wealth, Material gain and supremacy does not mean Allah is happy with them and rewarding but this is a cause of major concern. They are responsible for Injustices, violence and lack of peace prevailing in this world.

He called everyone not to suppress the feeble and not to be arrogant if you are powerful.

Allama Nasim Ashrafi, from Africa, praised Islam as the best way of Life and asked every human “to understand and implement each and every part of Islam in their life for peaceful co-existence.” He also called Muslims to raise their morals and respect everyone.

Mufti Nizamuddin sahib, Azmatullah sahib, Banglore, Khwaja Muzaffar Husain, Allama Qamruzzaman Khan Azmi, of London, UK and Maulana Shakir Noorie, Amir of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat, a major sect in Sunni Islam were the major speakers in this ijtema.

Some important topics of speeches included:

Womanhood, an Islamic Perspective and Solutions to their Problems
The Rights & Responsibilities of Marriage
Family Life in Islam
Purpose of Shariah, the Sacred Law
Islamic System of Law and Justice
Islam’s Contributions to Human Civilization
Natural Calamities – Causes and Solutions
Rights and Responsibilities of Relatives and Neighbors
Loving the beloved (Peace be upon him), and Purification of heart
Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him), The Best of Creation
Islam and Modernity
Misuse and Abuse of Modern Media and its Harmful Consequences on Youth
The True Spirit Of Islam
The Hajj-Its Spiritual And Social Significance and its Practical Demonstration