CWG opening ceremony’s spell persists in Indian Twitteristan


New Delhi: A day after India showcased to the world a spectacular Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, Twitter was still abuzz over the event, as some users updated their followers on their visits to the sporting venues.

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“Only the Indians know how to throw a lavish extravagant party. Can’t get enough of CWG opening ceremony,” Ankush Agarwal posted on his account.

According to Vignesh Dev, the success of the event had to be borne to the thousands of artistes, who had been practicing for months for the day. “great moments of spirits of nationhood!!!!! thanks CWG!!! Hats off to all artistes who performed wonderfully 4 d opening ceremony!,” he said.

With similar sentiments, Parth1802 tweeted: “There were the corrupt once small & few, but thousands who worked hard to get it right. Proud of the ones who got it completed.”

Twitterers were still discussing the various segments of the three-hour ceremony. “Jai Ho is definitely more hummable than Le Lo or whatever the CWG anthem is. Sorry Rahman, am a big fan but this one is a miss,” said Abhijit Basu.

Then, there were others who were entranced by the appearance of seven-year-old tabla prodigy, Keshav. “Both Rahman and Hariharan could have done better on the CWG opening! The show stealer was of course the child Keshav,” said Murali Mohan.

Shardha Sharma had decided to skip the opening ceremony after all the negative publicity over the Commonwealth Games. “Missed watching CWG probably lack of enthu due to disappoitment… bt d review is forcing me to feel guilty… Feels happy 4 d great show!” she said, in SMS lingo.

Aseem Sood was giving live updates on his experience at the swimming stadium Monday. “#cwg ticket service is very efficient. I booked tickets online on Friday and received them Monday noon,” he said.

He then posted photographs of his daughter at the event, as well as with Australian supporters. “Am at the SP Mukherjee stadium to watch CWG swimming. Stadium is beautiful. My daughter maydha is excited,” he tweeted.