Neetu Chandra, Veena Malik disagree over Asif links


Mumbai : Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra’s publicist Wednesday rubbished Pakistani bowler Mohammad Asif’s ex-girlfriend Veena Malik’s claims that the Indian actress has links with the cricketer, now embroiled in a match-fixing controversy. Veena, however, claimed Neetu was lying.

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“Without any concrete evidence, Ms. Malik is going on and on talking about how she thinks Neetu Chandra is involved with Mohammad Asif. She is probably doing this for publicity, as we’ve heard that she herself has Bollywood dreams,” Neetu’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar told reporters here.

“If that is the case, then this is a cheap way to bag mileage, as in the process, Ms. Malik is maligning the name and reputation of an established and critically acclaimed actress,” he said.

But Veena, an actress and TV host in Pakistan, told an Indian news channel: “I can assure one thing – the telephonic details I’ve provided… those are authentic. At the first place that actress is saying, ‘I don’t even know who Asif is?’ The mysterious part is that why she is denying the proof.

“I don’t know how frequent they were calling each other but yes I have seen this number a couple of times and I asked Asif and he said, ‘she is an actress and she is a fan of mine…’,” she said.

Neetu, who has starred in films like “Traffic Signal” and “Garam Masala”, allegedly got embroiled in the scandal when Interpol and Scotland Yard handed over Asif’s mobile phone details to the Pakistan Cricket Board for investigation.

The document, which has now been leaked, was prepared by Scotland Yard and Interpol on the basis of information given by Veena Malik and it contains the call details of Asif made in 2009.

According to reports, the only mobile phone number from Mumbai recorded in the document belonged to actress Neetu Chandra.

The document also reportedly says that Neetu had made two phone calls and exchanged SMS with the controversial cricketer, discussing sensitive cricket issues and deals.

Said Bhagwagar: “Neetu is flummoxed about how her cell number has featured on such a scandalous list. She believes this could be a conspiracy.”

He also denied that Neetu was interrogated by the Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) of the International Cricket Council (ICC) for having links with Asif as reported.

“The reports about Neetu being interrogated by Anti-Corruption and Security Unit of ICC are incorrect and baseless,” said Bhagwagar.

“Neither does Neetu know Mohammad Asif, nor has she been to Indian Premier League (IPL) parties or events as reported. Her name is unnecessarily being dragged in the match-fixing debate with unfounded allegations,” he said.