Before Babri verdict, an AIMPLB member asked to leave Bhopal for 6 months

By TCN Staff Reporter

Bhopal: In strange turn of events, Arif Masood, Madhya Pradesh Congress spokesperson and also a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB)from Bhopal, had to leave the city this afternoon, when the state police asked him to leave the city headquarter by tomorrow afternoon for coming six months. Mr. Masood left the city for Nagpur.

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Police claimed this to be a part of exercise in the context of Babri Masjid- Ramjanmbhoomi title suit, where it was expected to ensure that people with a criminal record and those who pose a potential threat to peace and communal harmony, should be asked to leave the city.

According to sources, much back a case had been registered Mr. Masood under section 353 of IPC. It was related to his agitation on the issue of water.

Inter-party rivalry is reportedly being the reason for this episode. Mr. Masood’s supporters termed this as a politically motivated conspiracy hatched by Arif Aqueel, another Congress MLA who is allegedly, an arch rival of Mr. Masood.

According to the sources, Mr. Masood belongs to the Pachouri camp of the state Congress led by Suresh Pachouri, MP Congress chief, where as Mr. Aqueel belongs to anti-Pachouri faction of the state Congress.

The supporters of Mr. Masood, talked to, including Qazi Azmat Shah, pointed out that Mr. Aqueel, who is MLA from Shahjahanabad area of Bhopal city, had pressurized the local administration to open the case against Mr. Masood and act against him on one pretext or other.

The fact that Mr. Masood was made to leave the Bhopal city, has met with shock and wonder by the civil society of this historic city. Many academicians and social activists have come out strongly against this ‘unfortunate and shocking’ incident.

Reportedly Mr. Masood had been a peacenik and an active member of civil society. It was highly unlikely that he was a potential threat for peace and communal harmony, argued Mr. Shah. Mr. Masood’s supporters will approach the district magistrate tomorrow to get the order revoked.