Working Saturday? Fans turn to gadgets for grand finale


New Delhi : A number of Delhi residents, working or travelling on Saturday, will depend on their mobiles, tablets, i-Pads and laptops to monitor each and every ball delivered in the cricket World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka.

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According to fans, the recently launched 3G services across all major mobile networks will be of great help as the high speed internet connection will enhance the match viewing experience for those using mobile phones and tablets.

“I’ve just got 3G installed in my Nokia N8 last week and as I am travelling to my aunt’s house in Chandigarh Saturday, I would be cheering Team India with my family live on my phone,” said 24-year-old student Fauzan Umar.

“The speed that you get on 3G is terrific and the live streaming is smooth with no interruptions unlike the earlier internet connections provided by the service providers,” he added.

Agreed real estate developer Anish Kapoor, who would be out on the road Saturday, visiting several locations in the National Capital Region for his upcoming projects.

“As I would not be able to watch the match in the comfort of my home, I would be using my tablet with 3G connection to catch proceedings live,” he said.

The video quality and speed that 3G offers is amazing and one needs to experience it to appreciate it, added the 36-year-old Kapoor.

Meanwhile, for Ravi Sharma, working with a 24X7 news channel, the match means a hectic Saturday with preparations to cover the mega event commencing early morning.

“I would be watching the match live on my laptop in the office in whatever time I get. The ESPN-Star website which streams the match live is a blessing for many cricket lovers in my office, including me,” said Sharma.

Central government employee Narendra Yadav, who witnessed the epic semi-final match between India and Pakistan on his laptop Wednesday, is all set to put his recently acquired device to best use Saturday.

“I was transferred to Delhi from Lucknow last month and just could not find the time to buy a television set. I have watched all the matches of the World Cup on my laptop and tomorrow would be no different,” said Yadav, 26.