J&K: Girls to receive arms training to counter militants

By Agence India Press,

Jammu: The Indian Army officials in Rajouri district imparted arms training to girls with an aim to combat militancy in Jammu & Kashmir.

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Girls in Rajouri district were trained to use the weapons by the army personnel of the paramilitary 63 Rashtriya Rifles. The aim of the training is to curb the rising militancy in the state.

Young girls, who generally live in a protected environment, came forward to learn the usage of weapons, which they could use in self-defence.

At the ‘Know Your Army’ stall, visitors got an opportunity to see various weapons, which the army had taken into its custody after it had conducted raids at the militant camps in the valley.

Priyanka Sharma, a local told Agence India Press that the Indian army has organised a fair here. They have a stall here by the name of ‘Know your Army’. The officials told us about various arms and ammunitions. Many schoolchildren received arms training for their own security. We learnt how to use these rifles and if need be, we would be able to use them.

The main purpose of the fair was to create awareness about the functioning of the defence forces among the general population and the various career opportunities that were provided by the armed forces.

“There was a small camp set up in this area by the army. Numerous weapons were displayed in the fair. We had never seen these weapons earlier, so we got to learn a lot from these army officials,” said Parveen Akhtar, a local.

The visitors got a chance to see tanks and infantry combat vehicles and they were also allowed to take a ride on few of these vehicles.

The villagers also got an opportunity to learn the usage of the highly advanced AK-47 rifles.

Army officials organised this fair, with an aim to promote the spirit of women empowerment among the locals.

“This is a backward area, so girls generally stay inside their houses and don’t move out often. This is an initiative to bring these girls to the forefront.

Many girls participated in this event. The army officials imparted knowledge about various ammunitions as well, so that girls gain confidence, so that they can become independent and work in the future,” said Colonel D.D. Swen, member, 63 Rashtriya rifles.