Kerala set for country’s biggest Ramzan gathering Friday


Malappuram (Kerala) : More than six lakh people are expected Friday at the largest Muslim prayer congregation at Swalath Nagar, near Malappuram, which is ready to host the annual Ramzan month event for the 25th time.

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This mammoth congregation in the month of Ramzan is considered the third biggest congregation of Muslims in the world after Makkah and Madina.

All arrangements are in place as Ma’dinu Ssaqafathil Islamiyya (MSI) prepares to host the congregation, according to MSI chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari, who said that the numbers at the Silver Jubilee congregation would be the same as last year.

“This time we will take a pledge against terrorism and alcoholism and pray for peace and harmony on the Shabe Qadr day, the holy night of the month of Ramzan,” Bukhari said. “This unique gathering spreads the message of harmony, tolerance, love and affection.”

“Here, people congregate in search of the blessing of the greatest night, called Shabe Qadr, Night of Power (Lailathul Qadr), which is compatible to thousand months,” said Bukhari.

Apart from the main venue, 20 grounds spread across 10 km on either side of national highway 213 have been set up to accommodate believers.

The programme will be telecast live and special screening centres are being set up in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi in India and major cities in the Middle East.

Ma’dinu is one of the leading educational and charity initiatives of the Muslim community in Kerala. It now has more than 25 educational institutes, from the primary to postgraduate level.