‘I Am Anna’ caps, national flags swarm India gate


New Delhi : As thousands thronged the India Gate area Sunday to celebrate Anna Hazare’s victory, the Gandhi cap with ‘I Am Anna’ written on it appeared to be the winner with most people proudly wearing it and waving the national flag.

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For those who did not have either of these were not disappointed as help was available readily with several vendors and face painters offering their goods and services for a price.


Don’t miss the beat

The drums just did not fall silent during the celebrations at India Gate as people shook a leg to express joy over the end of Anna’ fast. Some visitors were caught unawares by the anti-corruption campaigners’ celebrations that began 6 p.m., but no one seemed to complain. Many even joined the revellers and danced to the drum beats.


New avenues

For many, the celebrations were another occasion to make some quick money before the excitement subsided. Vendors selling snacks and munchies made a quick buck on a busy Sunday, for which a few of them had donned Gandhi caps.


Police for Anna

It was not just the common people who were enthusiastic about wearing a Gandhi cap, some policemen, maintaining a vigil in the area, too, were equally excited when it came to getting themselves clicked in the cap – which became a symbol of the movement. Many policemen gave their official caps a rest for taking each others photographs with the ‘I am Anna’ caps.


Some disappointment

The celebrations also had a few moments of disappointment as some Anna supporters who came all the way to see the social activist had to return empty-handed.

The septuagenarian was in hospital when the evening sky at India Gate lit up with fireworks. A group of Hazare’s supporters from his Ralegan-Siddhi village in Maharashtra complained that after remaining with him during the 12-day fast, they would now have to return without being able to see him.