Little drops make an ocean, Agra woman shows how

By Brij Khandelwal, IANS,

Agra : Two years back, she placed 500 piggy banks in as many Agra shops, asking for donations as low as Re.1 per day. Though her dream to collect enough money to build a hospital for the poor is still far from reality, her little known initiative has already saved a life.

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Sapna Agarwal, an IT professional in her late 20s, launched her NGO Ma Lay Welfare Society by building a network to collect small donations through her coin boxes.

“A single drop may be insignificant but when many drops combine, they bring joy and support life like rain,” Sapna, an activist, told IANS.

Talking about her unique initiative, Sapna says she was so worked up by the sad state of medical facilities in the city when she had to organise treatment for her parents two years ago that she decided to devote her life to establish “a world class hospital in Agra where ordinary folks would get free treatment of the best kind”.

A dream indeed, but she has been rather busy collecting Re.1 from the 500-odd shops and commercial establishments in the city.

“We open the boxes on a monthly basis. The collections have crossed Rs.2.5 lakh and the journey continues with enthusiasm and wide support from lots of people. It’s the spirit of involvement of the people in a cause that motivates me,” Sapna told IANS.

Though she has been extending small help to many people, the latest beneficiary of her initiative is Kanchan, 20, bedridden for over eight years due to a heart problem.

For years, Kanchan’s mother Kamlesh had been running from pillar to post to save her daughter’s life as her heart required repairing of a valve.

“I went to all the charitable organisations and philanthropists, but no one came forward. Then I wrote an application to India Against Corruption during their movement. My letter for help somehow reached Sapna and she immediately agreed to help,” Kamlesh, who cooks chapatis at a roadside dhaba, told IANS.

Sapna, through her NGO Ma Lay Welfare Society, extended monetary aid as well as mobilised doctors and got Kanchan operated by Anil Gupta.

The smile is now back on Kanchan’s face as she is recuperating in a private nursing home. Her mother says, “A life has been saved and now she can look to the future with hope. On my own, this would have never been possible.”

But Kamlesh needs more funds to get her daughter fully fit.

Sapna has now appealed to people to give whatever help they can to enable her to stand on her own.

“I feel sad and disheartened when poor people go without proper treatment for want of resources. But I am determined to see that my dream is realised,” Sapna added.

For those keen to contribute, the contact details are: Phone: 91 92192055990; The website is: Cheques can be given in favour of Maalay Welfare Society.

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