Modi had said let the people vent their anger: Gujarat DIG

By TCN Staff Writer,

New Delhi: On the evening of 27th Feb 2002, after the Godhra train carnage, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had called a ‘law and order meeting’ at his residence in Gandhinagar. At the meeting with higher police and security officers, Modi had said: “Let the Hindus vent their anger.” This was disclosed to Supreme Court-appointed SIT by DIG Sanjeev Bhatt.

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Tehelka Magazine, in its latest Issue 7, Dated 19 Feb 2011, says the DIG made the statement off the record before the SIT. The SIT in its report, which the same magazine exposed in its 12th Feb 2011 issue, said on page 149 that “Sanjeev Bhatt, the then DC (Internal Security), has claimed off-the-record that the CM did utter these words.”

Sanjeev Bhatt, who was Deputy Commissioner (Internal Security) in 2002 was summoned by the SIT in January 2010. He deposed for two days before the SIT and gave details of the riot and also the infamous meeting presided by Modi.

Bhatt is the single officer out of about 10 present at the meeting who has gathered courage to speak what he saw and heard.

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