Flying kites, feasting, Delhi celebrates Makar Sankranti


New Delhi : Multicoloured kites dotted the skies Friday as kids cheered and clapped and sweet rewri was circulated in handfuls in celebration of the harvest festival of Makar Sankranti in the capital.

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Marking the transition of the sun to the ‘makara rashi’ or capricorn on the celestial path, Makar Sankranti is just one of the many harvest festivals celebrated across the country.

In Delhi, the day started early for many families with visits to the temple as the sun started its annual swing northwards, according to various Indian calendars. Harking back to the traditions of the harvest festival, devotees offered fresh sugarcane, rice or sesame to the sun god.

Surbhi Sharma, a student, said: “Makar Sankranti means feasting on a whole lot of rewri (sesame-seed laden sweets) for me. And today it’s so bright and warm – a perfect winter day to celebrate the festival with a lot of gaiety.”

Many parks, rooftops, and open grounds saw clusters of people, adults and children alike, take to kite flying.

For Ramesh Talwar, a resident of Chandni Chowk, flying kites was the high point of the day.

“In the humdrum of daily life, there is hardly any time to indulge in your hobbies. So Makar Sankranti is really special because I can fly kites to my heart’s content! And it’s really motivating to hear people cheering you on and then shouting when a kite goes down,” he said.