Cops suspended for pulling youth by rope in Patna, None for killings in Forbesganj

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

Patna: With some events involving police and action of the state government thereon in the last 15 days, what is becoming clearer and more evident is the biased approach of the JDU-BJP government of Bihar under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar towards the victims of the police firing in Bhajanpur, Forbesganj.

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On July 3 – when the Forbesganj police firing completed 30 days – an incident of khaki brutality occurred in the state capital of Patna. Police brought a youth, who was allegedly drunk and eve-teaser, at Kotwali Police Station. Policemen beat him mercilessly and dragged him on the floor and pulled him with rope while his both hands were tied on the back. Next day several news channels flashed the video footage of the youth Mannu Kumar, 28, being dragged on the floor of the police station. And as soon as it became clear that the youth was the son of Vijay Kumar Yadav, a contractor who is said to be close to leaders of ruling party JDU (CM Nitish Kumar’s party) the state government swung into action.

Within hours, two policemen – sub-inspector Ved Vyas Singh who was the officer on duty, and Valmiki Prasad, a home guard jawan who was seen pulling Mannu by the rope – were suspended. Besides, a departmental enquiry has been ordered.

Mannu Kumar being dragged by cops on floor of a police station in Patna

Now contrast it with the Forbesganj firing and action of the state government thereon. Four villagers of Bhajanpur including an infant and a pregnant woman were killed from point blank on June 3. TV channels flashed the incident of a youth’s half-dead body being romped by the policeman in the presence of SP and other officers. All the victims including the youth were from minority community. No officer has been suspended for the brutal killings. No departmental enquiry has been ordered. Yes, the state government has ordered a judicial probe – infamous in our country to delay prosecution of the guilty and eventually to save their skin.