India needs to be ruthless against terrorists: UAE daily


Abu Dhabi : Coordinated and ruthless action by Indian authorities against terrorists is the need of the day, a United Arab Emirates (UAE) newspaper said Friday.

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“Three coordinated bomb blasts in Mumbai were designed to wreck the will of the people but it must have been discouraging for the terrorists to know that the Mumbaikar has won, yet again, despite the sad loss of lives and injury to hundreds,” said the Gulf News in its editorial.

The editorial titled “Resilience of Mumbai has prevailed again” said time and again extremist forces have chosen Mumbai and its people as a “soft target” to get a “global audience” for their “brutal plans”.

“Each time they have failed because the people of India’s financial capital have exhibited a stronger spirit,” the paper said.

It said it was “interesting” that no terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

“The fact that it took place a little more than a week before the India-Pakistan talks later this month, however, bears significance.”

“The group that engineered these blasts is an adversary of peace and believes that the best way forward is through instability and destabilisation,” it said.

“To this extent the intention was that both countries begin the blame game and the peace process would once again be hijacked,” the editorial said.

It said the gathering of intelligence, “however arduous an assignment”, must take precedence.

“Ruthless action against terrorist activities is the call of the day,” the paper stressed.