Greater Noida contractors hold protest


Noida: After farmers, home buyers and builders, contractors protested here Sunday against stoppage of construction work at various housing projects in Greater Noida following court orders.

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About 36 contractors who were working with various builders and for the Greater Noida authority joined hands and highlighted the repercussion of the courts’ orders on their livelihood.

“The farmers, builders and the authority, everybody is talking about their own condition. Nobody is talking about us, who are the biggest victims of the court judgments. Who will speak for the labourers who have no voice of their own,” said Vikas Gupta, a contractor and member of Noida Extension Contractors and Suppliers Association.

The protesters said around 500 contractors would suffer losses and about 60,000 labourers would be virtually rendered jobless due to the restrictions on construction. They claimed their capital investments were also at stake.

An atmosphere of uncertainty and panic plagued home buyers and builders in Greater Noida after a Supreme Court order earlier this month quashing the acquisition of land in the district’s Shahberi village. A total of 156 hectares of village land was acquired by Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) in Shahberi and then sold to developers at exorbitant rates.

The Allahabad High Court sided with farmers, quashing the acquisition of 598 hectares in Patwari village – the second acquisition struck down by the court this month.