Open Letter to Mr. Amir Subhani, Home Secretary, Bihar

By Afzal Usmani,

Dear Mr. Amir Subhani,

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The Forbesganj incident in Araria district of Bihar (India) raised many questions in our minds. It is even more disturbing to know that it happened when we have one of our best as the Home Secretary of Bihar. It is not only a question of brutality against innocent Muslims but against innocent Indians. The toddler who died was a hope for the country and he was punished for a crime which he could not even conceive.

The uniformed police supposed to protect us and maintain law and order. But what the world has seen in Forbesganj is an act of terror and brutality. Their attitude was inhuman and for me they are no different than terrorists and Maoists who go on a killing spree and does not even bother to see who is on the receiving end.

We are very sure that Police have a code of conduct to deal with a mob. Did they use tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets before to the final resort to fire real bullets? When a layman like me can see, why not machinery of Govt of India in general and Govt. of Bihar in particular can see all these when its happening under their nose.

I still remember how much we cheered and enjoyed in 1987 when you secured the first position in Civil Services Exams conducted by Union Public Service Commission, Govt. of India. You became a role model for millions and we saw a new hope in you. We always complain about the lack of presence of Muslims in Civil Services and whatever few we have, we need them to do justice with their job. Muslims of India do not look forward to you and your likes for any special favor, they look up to you for justice and to be role model for the entire nation.

If we see this kind of inaction from people like you, we will loose faith from the Civil Servants and no one will ever cheer for Mr. Javed Usmani, Mr. Amir Subhani or Dr. Shah Faisal.