Osama killing embarrassing, says Pakistan daily


Islamabad: Pakistan faces an “embarrassing situation” after the world’s most wanted man Osama bin Laden was killed in the military town of Abbottabad by US forces, a Pakistani daily said Tuesday.

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Osama was shot dead early Monday by US commandos who reached Abbottabad in four helicopters and killed Osama. The Al Qaeda leader was later buried at sea.

An editorial in the Daily Times said: “Pakistan has found itself in quite the embarrassing situation. Osama bin Laden was found in a military town just a mile or so away from the Kakul Military Academy.”

It wondered how Osama was “able to hide there without any action on our part is going to be a hard sell to the Americans”.

“So far, we have been milking the same excuse: joint intelligence and a willingness on our part in counter-terror operations led to this victory. Scratching beneath the surface may reveal other truths entirely.”

It bluntly said that while Pakistan has been a US ally, “we have been very trying partners, picking and choosing the militants we wanted to root out and the ones we wanted to protect”.

“No doubt, in the coming days, Pakistan’s exact role in the war on terror and Osama’s death will become clearer. It is hoped we will not be on the receiving end of a negative fallout with the Americans, who are in this war for the long haul.”

The editorial described Osama’s killing as the biggest news story of the decade since the war on terror began.

It noted: “In slightly suspicious developments, the US is said to have taken custody of Osama’s remains and quickly buried him at sea. They have cited it as the only way the Islamic rite of speedy burial could be ensured while some US reports say that they would be hard pressed to find any country willing to host the terror figure’s body.”

The editorial observed that it would not be “far off to believe that there are many chiefs and leaders waiting in the wings to take over from where bin Laden has left off”.

“While his death is a definite blow to the militants, it provides them with the perfect chance for bloody retribution. The US and its allies – especially Pakistan where bin Laden was killed – will be sure terror targets. It is little wonder that the US is on red alert security. Pakistan had also better watch out.”