IT components supply chain disrupted by Thai floods: MAIT


New Delhi : Seeking the IT industry and consumers’ support and patience in the severe shortage of hardware products, a manufacturers body Tuesday said that unprecedented rains and floods in Thailand have disrupted the global supply chain for key components.

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“This is due to unprecedented rains and floods in Thailand, which has severely disrupted the global supply chain for many key components in the IT hardware industry,” the Manufacturers Association for Information Technology (MAIT) said in a statement here.

Thailand is a hub of IT component manufacturers. The flooding caused the maximum impact to the computer hard-disk manufacturing sector as the plants of all four large players are located in the affected area.

“The situation in Thailand is directly affecting the computer hard disk manufacturing as it has impacted all four large manufacturers. As per initial estimates the impact is 40 percent of worldwide demand,” said MAIT president Alok Bharadwaj.

“This has caused tremendous supply shortage for laptops and desktops. MAIT is keeping all state government and central government ministries informed,” he added.

MAIT also appealed to the government and consumers to allow longer delivery period to combat the sudden shrinkage in the supply situation.

“Suppliers are making all efforts to divert stocks to India to cater to few large orders but it takes time. They should be spared of penalties or strictures on delays caused by the devastation as this is an act of god,” Bharadwaj said.

The global price increase due to the shortage are not being passed on to Indian consumers as of now.