‘Countries should issue easy travel advisories’


New Delhi : Travel advisories issued by countries should be easily understandable by travellers as well as tourism industry people, said the Pacific-Asia Travel Association (PATA) here wednesday.

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The PATA, a non-profit travel trade association, is working with its member countries, including India, to make travel advisories more understandable, an official said.

“Travellers normally rely on travel advisories and we want the advisories to be more transparent and accurate,” interim CEO of PATA Bill Calderwood said while addressing the media.

PATA Travel Mart 2011 is being held Sep 6-9 here at Pragati Maidan.

Travel advisories are often misleading and cause panic and misinterpretation, Calderwood said, when asked if tourists would be warned against travelling to Asia-Pacific nations like India, due to terror attacks.

“The warnings have to be responsible. We are trying to make the governments understand that travel advisories have a two-way impact. We are in the process of mobilizing a different thought process on travel advisories. Tourism is such a vital industry – an irresponsible travel advisory could take a toll on it,” Calderwood said.

“India Is trying to promote a safe and sustainable tourism,” said Rajen Habib Khwaja, secretary of tourism and the chair of the India chapter of PATA.

“An accident can happen any time and we are working with the local law and order enforcing agencies and the state governments to ensure safety of tourists – both domestic and foreign,” Khwaja said.

A ministry of tourism report said: “India is one of the fastest inbound tourist destinations and has logged a nearly 10 per cent increase in foreign tourist arrival in 2011 compared to 2010.”

In July 2011, 4.98 lakh tourists visited India compared to 4.52 lakh in 2010, the report said.