Suspend SP, DM of Bharatpur: Jamaat Islami Rajasthan

By TCN News,

Jaipur: The Jamaat-e-Islami of Rajasthan while strongly condemning the brutal firing in Gopalgarh area of Bharatpur district has demanded immediate suspension of the Superintendent of Police and District Magistrate of the district for their failure in controlling the situation.

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State president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Er Khursheed Hussain condemned the firing and expressed condolences with the families of those who lost their life or wounded. “This is a clear case of indifferent attitude of the police and administration that they could not control the petty dispute and let it grow,” Hussain said in a statement.

He demanded suspension of SP, DM and other officers of police and civil administration. He also demanded constitution of a high-level enquiry against the guilty officers.

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For the victims, Er Hussain demanded proper compensation for the deceased and the injured. He also demanded free treatment of all the injured.

Seven people were killed in the firing by Gujjar community and the local police following a dispute over the land for Eidgah two days ago. The Muslim villagers alleged that the police opened fire along with the Gujjars at the members of the minority community.

Er Hussain also condemned efforts to give the issue a political or communal color. He urged all parties to not make it a political issue. He also urged the people of Bharatpur to maintain peace, harmony and brotherhood.

The dispute leading to killings

There was a long dispute over a Muslim graveyard land. The decision had gone in favor of graveyard. Allotment of additional land to graveyard was under consideration. However, it was said that the earlier land given by gram panchayat was a pond, so the task of allotment of other land was given to concerned officers but these officers were deliberately delaying the allotment leading to buildup of tension. It is said that the admin did not take any action to control the situation. The two groups had tried to resolve the issue amicably as early as on Wednesday (14th Sep. 2011) in the local police station but at the same time some anti-social elements spread rumors leading to a tense situation. Yet the police didn’t step in. It is said that Bharatpur DM Krishna Kunal reached the site and immediately ordered to open fire. The police did not warn, no lathi charge or tear gas was used. The firing killed many Muslims and wounded many others on Wednesday (14th Sep).