Nimmy maintains sole lead


New Delhi : Nimmy A.G. of Kerala maintained her sole lead with six and half points after signing peace treaty with Chandika Divaysree of Andhra Pradesh in the eighth round match of the 39th National Women Challengers Chess Championship here at Naurang House Thursday.

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Playing with black side of closed variation in Sicilian defence game, Nimmy stood firm with her strong defensive tactics against her top seed rival and split the point after 33 moves to stay at top.

Top seed Divyasree along with Bharathi, Mahalakshmi, Saranya, Michelle Catherina all are from Tamilnadu and Swati Mohota of West Bengal are at second spot with a drift of half point from the leader.

In the eighth round encounters, Bharathi and Mahalakshmi signed the peace treaty after 64 moves while Priya and Michelle had the same result against Sahajasri of Andhra Pradesh and Amruta Mokal of Maharashtra respectively. Swati overcome five times National Champion Bagyashree Thipsay in a well fought eighth round battle while Saranya got better off Shweta Gole of Maharashtra.

Three more rounds remaining in this eleven round Swiss system championship which will conclude Sunday.

Important Results

Round 8 : Chandika Divyasree of Andhra Pradesh (6) drew with Nimmy A G of Kerala (6.5); Bharathi R of Tamilnadu (6) drew with Mahalakshmi M of Tamilnadu (6); Amruta Mokal of Maharashtra (5.5) drew with Michelle Catherina of Tamilnadu (6); Cholleti Sahajasri of Andhra Pradesh (5.5) drew with Priya P of Tamilnadu (5.5); Saranya J of Tamilnadu (6) beat Shweta Gole of Maharashtra (5); Swati Mohota of West Bengal (6) beat Bagyashree Thipsay of Maharashtra (5); Riya Savant of Goa (4.5) lost to Rucha Pujari of Maharashtra (5.5); Ramya Krishna of Andhra Pradesh (5) drew with Pallabi Roy of West Bengal (5); Meghna C H of Kerala (4.5) lost to Raghavi N of Tamilnadu (5.5); Harini S of Tamilnadu (4.5) lost to Varshini V of Tamilnadu (5.5); A Akshaya of Tamilnadu (5) drew with Priya VSS of Andhra Pradesh (5); Sandhya G of Andhra Pradesh (5) drew with Lasya G of Andhra Pradesh (5); Samaraki Mohanty of Orissa (5) drew with Meenu Rajendran of Kerala (5); Madhurima Shekhar of Delhi (4.5) lost to Aparajita Gochhikar of Orissa (5.5); Rajasurya J of Tamilnadu (5.5) beat Tejaswini Sagar of Maharashtra (4.5); Kotepalli Sai Nirupama (5) beat Akhade Vaishnavi of Maharashtra (4.5); Kesshni Bhasiin of Delhi (4) lost to Madhuri M Patil of Maharashtra (5); Mitali Madhukar Patil of Maharashtra (4.5) drew with Vantika Agrawal of Delhi (4.5); Anigani Kavya of Andhra Pradesh (4) lost to Anjana Krishna S of Kerala (5); Meghna Upadhyay of Madhya Pradesh (4) lost to Salini R of Andhra Pradesh (5).