India more opportunity than threat: Pakistani daily


Islamabad : India is more opportunity than threat, said a Pakistani daily that noted the thaw in ties between Islamabad and New Delhi.

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“Today, India is more opportunity than threat, and we can both be the richer as a result,” the News International said in an editorial Wednesday, a day ahead of an expected meeting between President Asif Ali Zardari and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who are in Tehran to attend the NAM summit.

“There is now no doubt that relations between Pakistan and India are improving,” it said, and added that there had “evolved in the last two years a different type of diplomacy to complement what happens at the formal state-to-state level, and it is providing an interesting and still-developing model of conflict mitigation”.

“The thaw in relations is now multi-tracked. There is the day-to-day contact between diplomats which has fluctuated over the years, reaching a low but never actually ceasing after the Mumbai attacks.

“Then there is the parliamentary initiative that recently saw MPs from Pakistan visiting India where they were warmly received and returned full of optimism,” said the daily.

The editorial went on to say that bilateral relations are always multi-stranded, “but in recent years the strands that linked our two countries were frail indeed”.

“We hung by a literal and metaphorical thread. Today, with new agreements emerging and new border crossings becoming operational, the gap between us narrows,” it said.