Private universities promote commercialization of education: Campus Front

By TCN News,

Bangalore: Campus Front of India Udupi district protested against Private University Bills 2012, on Dec 13th, at Shastri Circle Kundapur. Campus Front Udupi District President Farhan Honnala demands Karnataka State Government to retreat the Private University Bill.

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On Thursday Karnataka Assembly passed bills to set up private universities: Manipal University Bill, 2012; Arka University Bill, 2012; Sharana Basava University, Bill, 2012; Adichunchanagiri University Bill, 2012; Dayanand Sagar University Bill, 2012; Vellore Technical University Bill, 2012; M.S. Ramaiah University Bill, 2012; Devaraj Urs University Bill, 2012; Roy Technical University Bill, 2012; PES University Bill, 2012; Spiritual University Bill, 2012; Reva University Bill, 2012 and KLE Technological University Bill, 2012

“This is a an attempt to promote commercialization of education system and also this goes to show that Karnataka state government has not taken any Initiatives or actions to improve the quality of education in public schools and colleges.” He argued that “students of this country need knowledge driven education not the market driven education system.”

Another Speaker CFI Karnataka State Secretary Suhail Kolar alleged that Karnataka State government has not framed proper guidelines for the functioning of the private universities till date. “Private University bills 2012 does not talk of the equal & quality education for all.” He further added, “this bill needs to be pro students belonging to every community & society of the state & Country.”

Campus Front memorandum:
· This bill should ensure the participation of poor; Dalit and backward minority students thru 60% reservation & Quota since the purpose of this bill is to offer quality education to all.
· This bill should involve scholarship to students and ensure that this private university bill does not become a medium of business for capitalists.
· This bill should include and mandate private universities to have the infrastructure as prescribed by the University Grants Commission.
· This bill should have strict guidelines on standard Fee Structure / admissions / hostel fees, tuition fee, exam fee etc within the limit of poor families to ensure the equal & quality education to all.
· This bill should have preset conditions to the private university to consider / include them in to the approved list, based on the quality of education they provide & based on the resources they have to offer.
· This bill should include frequent checks / monitoring on the processes and guidelines of private universities on regular basis by the government bodies/ systems to ensure the quality, Authenticity & genuineity.
· This bill should include the distribution of private universities across the geography’s of the state to ensure that there is no over flow of these universities in one single place /location for business purpose.