Ajmer Dargah custodian opposes visits of film industry people

By TCN News,

Ajmer: The Sajjada Nasheen of Ajmer Sharif Dargah has objected to the visits of film stars, directors and producers to pray at the dargah for success for their films and serials. Sajjada Nasheen Syed Zainul Abedeen Ali Khan said dance, songs, obscenity and nudity are prohibited in Islam, so visits to pray for success in those acts cannot be acceptable.

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He has termed the visits of film actors, producers, directors for success of films and serials at the darbar of Khwaja against Islamic Shariat and principles of Sufism. He said it cannot be tolerated.

He said the silence of Islamic scholars and Shariat experts on this sensitive issue, is highly concerning. “Ulema, Darul ifta and muftis should clearly give their opinion on this issue to stop un-Islamic activities at the great cite of Islam,” he said.

He further said that Khwaja sahib was a spiritual saint and in his entire life, he did ibadat and taqwa and called people towards Quran and Shariat. He asked people to keep from dance, songs and obscenity, but today keeping his teachings aside, people are coming here to pray success in those very things.