Tazia procession becomes means to settle political scores

By TwoCircles.net special correspondent

Lucknow: Tension engulfed the city of Bhadohi after stone pelting during Moharram procession on Sunday. Local Samajwadi Party MLA Zahid Beg also received injuries in the incident. Bhadohi is world famous for its carpets.

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As per reports, the incident was a fall out between two Samajwadi Party leaders. The Samajwadi Party is ruling the state. Zahid Beg who is the local SP MLA from Bhadohi reportedly is not at good terms with Bhadohi Municipal Board Chairman, Arif Siddiqui.

The tazia procession was scheduled to pass through when one Panna Lal Yadav, a local SP
office bearer and close to Zahid Beg urged for a slight change in the route. The minute diversion was agreed and everyone agreed. Chairman Arif Siddiqui took the opportunity as a means to settle political scores. On the day of tazia procession his supporters insisted on the old route and created ruckus. This resulted in lawlessness and tension while MLA Zahid Beg tried to reason out with them. Soon in the stone pelting, Beg was injured while the security force could not manage the situation. Heavy enforcement was sent which brought things under control.

Elsewhere, the Moharram passed away peacefully except incidents in Meerut and Moradabad that resulted in injuries to over twelve people.