Manipur pushes back 60 suspected Bangladeshis


Imphal : Authorities in Manipur have pushed back into Assam 60 suspected Bangladeshis, an official said Sunday.

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Manipur Police have launched a crackdown in several parts of the state to flush out illegal Bangladeshi and Myanmarese immigrants.

A total of 49 illegal Bangladeshi and Myanmarese immigrants have been arrested and booked under the Foreigners Act, the official said.

Over 400 suspected illegal immigrants have been rounded up to verify their nationality.

“We pushed back 60 suspected illegal Bangladeshi immigrants Saturday into Assam from Jiribam after they failed to produce any document to prove they are Indian citizens,” a police official told IANS.

Jiribam bordering Assam is one of three entry points to Manipur.

Manipur shares a border with Nagaland to the north, with Mizoram to the south and Assam to the west and Myanmar to the east.

“No person will be allowed to step into Manipur without producing valid documents and those who fail will be pushed back,” the official said.

Manipur Home Minister G. Gaikhangam said the crackdown to detect illegal Bangladeshi and Myanmarese nationals would continue.

The minister said the government would take action against those who shelter illegal immigrants.

“It is a sensitive issue (illegal immigrants) and the government will not allow any illegal immigrant to settle in Manipur,” Gaikhangam said.

Following pressure from civil society groups, the Manipur assembly July 13 adopted a resolution urging the central government to extend the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873, to the state to check the influx of suspected Bangladeshi and Myanmarese nationals.