IIT, Swamy told to settle salary issue amicably


New Delhi : The Delhi High Court Tuesday asked the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi and Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy to amicably settle the issue of recovery of Swamy’s dues earned while serving as a teacher from 1972 to 1991.

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Justice M.L. Mehta said: “You (Swamy) and the petitioner (institute) would be appearing before the mediation and conciliation centre at the high court Sep 19 at 3 p.m. to try to settle the issue.”

The high court was hearing a petition filed by the institute against a lower court order that agreed to hear Swamy’s plea seeking recovery of his dues amounting to Rs.19 lakh, along with 18 percent interest per annum from February 1991.

Swamy served in the institution as assistant professor.

The high court would next hear the matter Oct 31.

Justice Mehta asked Swamy and the IIT to inform the court about the outcome of the conciliation proceedings between them.

In the lower court, Swamy filed a suit for the recovery of his salary and allowances under a revised grade from December 1972 to May 1991, along with interest. He also demanded his gratuity and pension.

He told the court that he came to know about his dues only in 2009 after filing a right to information application.

The institute said Swamy had sought the recovery of his dues along with interest and the total claim added up to Rs.70.20 lakh, which was beyond the pecuniary jurisdiction of the lower court.