Special programme for violence effected children in Assam

    By Abdul Gani, TwoCircles.net,

    Guwahati: Assam government is having a special programme for rehabilitation for the children and women of ethnic clash and other violence. Chief minister Tarun Gogoi said that it would cover all the victims of any sorts of violence in the state including the children and parents of insurgents who have been killed in encounters.

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    This was decided after a meeting with the National Commission for Women and Children where the chief minister put stress on children and women.

    “We want to ensure safety and security along with a bright future for all the children who have seen violence in their early life. That’s why I have said that even the children of the militants should also get the facilities for a better future as they have no fault like their parents,” Tarun Gogoi told reporters.

    It can be mentioned that during the violence which broke out at the Bodoland Territorial Areas District (BTAD) in the western Assam in 2012, thousands of children and women suffered. If the students had to sacrifice their studies to be in relief camps for the fear of their lives, the women too had undergone some horrific time including giving births to babies under inhuman circumstances.

    Besides, children in hundreds were made orphans in various clashes including militant attacks in Assam during the last one decade or so including the BTAD violence, Nellie massacre in Morigaon district and numberless militant attacks in various parts of the state.
    Moreover, on the eve of the Independence Day, to avert all possible attacks of suspected militants Assam government has taken all the possible measures. Chief minister Tarun Gogoi said of raising a special task force to maintain law and order in the state. He also termed the recent activities of violence by the ULFA hardliners as their desperate attempt to prove their presence.

    “We have alerted all the district heads so that all possible attempts of the anti-social elements can be averted. A special task force will also be brought for the maintenance of law and order in the state with the involvement of experts and general public,” Gogoi told reporters on Saturday. The police department will also recruit another 8,000 police personnel to add on the 12,000 personnel last year.

    The CM said that anti-talk faction of ULFA chief Paresh Barua is under tremendous pressure from foreign forces to prove his existence in the region as the outfit’s military power has gone down over the years.

    “They are desperate to prove that but they are a failure. They are not the well wishers of the state as such activity of violence will drag the state behind from developmental works. Even the outside investors will be reluctant to come over here,” he said adding that the door of talks is always open for Paresh Barua.

    On the development of the police in the state, he stressed on the importance of the civil policing. “Like the foreign countries, to improve the performance of the police, civil police plays a major role. We also need to put focus on that part,” the chief minister said who recently cancelled his South Africa tour to strengthen the law and order situation.

    Moreover, he also said of creating employment opportunities in the state for the youths in the next three years