WPI condemns the massacre of civilians in Egypt by military

    By TCN News,

    New Delhi: Welfare Party of India has strongly condemned and criticized the “inhuman massacre” of hundreds of civilians taking part in sit-in protest program in Cairo demanding restoration of democracy, by the military using excessive and brutal forces.

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    Party national general secretary Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas in a statement also criticized military junta for declaring emergency and asked Indian government to use all its influences for immediate intervention of UN to thwart further bloodshed and restore civil liberties and democratic order.

    In the statement Dr. Ilyas blamed the international community and world bodies for being passive spectators and failing to intervene effectively in the right time. He asked the military to go to barracks and hand over power to legitimate civilian authorities. He asked the world bodies such as UN, European Union, OIC, NAM and super powers such as US and Russia to urge the Egyptian military to halt all repressive measures.

    He conveyed sincere condolence to the bereaved families of martyrs. He also extended support to the Anti-Coup Alliance for their peaceful and democratic fight for dignity and civilian authority.