AMU faculties participate in World Congress of Philosophy

    By TCN News,

    Aligarh: Dr. Latif Hussain S. Kazmi and Dr. Sanaullah Mir, Associate Professors in the Department of Philosophy, Aligarh Muslim University participated in the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy 2013 held in the University of Athens, Greece recently.

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    Dr. Kazmi presented his paper on “Islamic Ethic of Global Peace” in Islamic Philosophy Session. He stressed that Islamic ethics was rooted in the concept of Unity of God, love of God and service to Humanity. He said that the entire focus of the Islamic teachings, including Prophetic behaviour and the practices of his faithful companions, Imams, Sufis and philosophers urged Muslims to adopt Islamic ethical principles for peace, universal goodwill and service to humankind with love and care.

    Dr. Latif Hussain Shah Kazmi

    Dr. Sanaullah Mir presented his paper on “Value-implications of Sūfi Hermeneutics”. He pointed out that Sufis have advocated as well as appropriated the perennial hermeneutical breakthrough while a set of true statements referring to the Ultimately Real is impossible to formulate. He said that the scriptural revelations of historical religions symbolize what is Ultimately Real in their specific cultural context. So, across all cultural, philosophical and theological differences they have been unanimously oriented to moral struggle as well as spiritual transformation owing to their irresistible love of God and their quest for God-realization which truly paved the way for peace, love, catholicity, pluralism, justice and sustainable development of humanity in all spheres of life. He further highlighted that the pluralistic ethos of Sufis needed to be revisited and re-appropriated for world-peace, mutual understanding and goodwill.

    Dr. Sanaullah Mir

    Thinkers from different disciplines hailing from various parts of the world participated in the World Congress of Philosophy.