AAP, Congress workers scuffle over Gandhi caps

    By IANS,

    New Delhi : A minor scuffle occurred at the Mandir Marg polling station in New Delhi constituency during Delhi assembly polls Wednesday as Congress workers objected to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supporters wearing white Gandhi caps.

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    The white Gandhi caps, once associated with the Father of the Nation, have now become a trademark sign of those supporting the AAP.

    Usually, AAP supporters have ‘Main aam admi hoon’ (I am a common man) written on the caps. On Wednesday, though, the AAP supporters wore plain caps.

    Congress workers at the Mandir Marg polling station entered into an altercation with AAP supporters, saying they could not flaunt the cap as it was tantamount to campaigning.

    AAP workers retorted saying that it was simply a Gandhi cap, and could not be construed as a party symbol.

    Angry Congress workers yanked off the Gandhi cap from the head of an AAP worker and threw it on the ground. Policemen posted at the venue had to intervene to cool down tempers.

    The reasoning of the AAP workers – that they are free to wear whatever headgear they want – found favour, and the party workers were allowed to wear the Gandhi cap.

    AAP workers present at many booths across Delhi were seen sporting the caps.