BJP accuses Congress of targeting Modi

    By IANS,

    New Delhi : The BJP Tuesday accused the Congress of targeting Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and said his presence was making the party feel insecure.

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    “Modi’s presence in the country is definitely having an impact on the Congress party. They are absolutely restless and possibly they feel that Narendra Modi is now omnipresent, omnipotent,” BJP leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy told Times Now news channel.

    He said: “The question which arises here is why are they trying to target Narendra Modi. Are they insecure? Do they feel that things are going out of their hands? Is this man very popular, is this man going to give them a challenge?”

    Rudy claimed that people were appreciating the way Modi was conducting himself.

    On the recent controversy over Modi’s remarks on Gujarat riots, he said there was nothing wrong in expressing one’s emotions.

    Parties cutting across political lines had slammed the Gujarat chief minister for his remarks on 2002 Gujarat riots in which he had said he had done “absolutely the right thing” during the 2002 riots and that even if a “puppy comes under the wheel of a car, one felt sad”.

    “It is a visible distress in the Congress party which is prompting them to make bizarre statements. They are trying to target him. Let them do that,” Rudy said. He added: “I think the defeat is looming large over the Congress party and they are desperate now.”

    The BJP leader said his party had complete faith in the leadership of Modi, who is “the chairman of the campaign committee and possibly the leader for the future”.