An eye for an eye: Pakistani daily after funeral bombing

    By IANS,

    Islamabad : Terrorists need to be answered in the same language they have long employed, “the language of force”, said a Pakistani daily following a suicide blast at a funeral in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that killed 35 people, including a legislator.

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    The suicide blast at a funeral in Shergarh, Mardan, Tuesday killed independent member of the provincial assembly (MPA) Imran Mohmand, who was targeted, and 34 others, injuring dozens more.

    “The incident once again indicates that for the militants, nothing is sacred, not even the last rites of a person. This attack was the deadliest in three months,” said an editorial in the Daily Times Thursday.

    Imran had apparently been receiving threats and had been provided police security, but this proved unable to prevent the bomber from exploding himself next to him soon after the funeral prayers ended.

    “…this is by now an insufficient response to the persistent terrorism that has brought the country to its knees,” said the daily.

    This bombing was the deadliest since the blast in Karachi March 3 that killed 50 people, and occurred just three days after the horrendous attack on a women’s university bus in Quetta that killed 25 people, including 14 girl students.

    The editorial sought an “overarching, centralised structure for the anti-terrorist struggle with a shared database was a sine qua non for an effective anti-terrorist strategy”.

    “What the country…needs to understand is that we are confronted by a fanatical enemy impervious to logic or reason. Talking to such elements is like talking to a brick wall. They need to be answered in the same language they have long employed, the language of force,” it added.