Students write to UP CM for enquiry into arrests of Khalid Mujahid & Tariq Qasmi Special Correspondent,

Lucknow:Two students have written to the CM Akhilesh Yadav requesting for an enquiry in the series of events before the arrest of Khalid Mujahid and Tariq Qasmi. The students are—first year law student Tanaya Thakur and Class XII Aditya Thakur. They are children of IPS officer Amitabh Thakur and social activist Nutan Thakur.

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The students have titled their letter – Why wait for death, Enquire Tariq Qasmi arrest also. As per their letter – based on the recommendations of R D Nimesh Commission report, first year law student Tanaya Thakur and Class XII Aditya Thakur had written to the Chief Minister of UP seeking enquiry about the course of events before the arrest of Tariq Qasmi of Azamgarh and Khalid Mujahid of Jaunpur by the anti-terrorism squad (ATS) in serial court blasts enquired way back in December 2012.

They had said that the Nimesh commission report has presented many unanswered questions. It says that Qasmi got abducted on 12 December 2007 near his house in Rani Ka Sarai, Azamgarh while Mujahid was similarly lifted by unknown persons in a white Tata Sumo. No enquiry was made in either case and later the two were shown arrested in Barabanki on 22 December.

Now after Khalid’s death and registration of FIR against police persons, Aditya has asked not to wait for other person’s death and to enquire into Qasmi’s process of arrest as well. He has also sought enquiry into no action being taken in his complaint so far.