We will take legal action against those spreading the hoax of Love Jihad: Mission Possible

    By Shaik Zakeer Hussain, TwoCircles.net

    A group of Muslim organisations working under the umbrella of “Mission Possible” came together to voice their displeasure today, against what it calls the “rumours of Love Jihad” spread by organisations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal with the intention of disturbing “peace between Muslims and Hindus” in the country. It said such false propaganda, only creates mistrust and suspicion amongst members of different religious communities, leading to a fractured society.

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    Addressing reporters at a press conference held here at the Press Club Of Bangalore, Mission Possible’s spokesperson and president of Discover Islam Education Trust (DIET) Mr. Umar Shariff, said that in the past few days, a series of contradictory reports were published in certain newspapers and news websites, in relation to one Ayesha Banu’s arrest and interrogation, which he said, is causing “trouble to the community.”

    Umar Shariff of DIET speaking at the conference. Ashraf Ali, president of Huda Islamic Studies (Left)

    It is to be noted that Ayesha Banu, a resident of Panjimogaru on the outskirts of Mangalore was reported by certain sections of the local media to have been arrested in connection to her alleged role in bankrolling the recent bomb blasts carried out in Patna, however top police officials of both Karnataka and Bihar have now clarified, that her arrest was in connection to her alleged involvement in illegal financial activity, though no corroborative evidence have been produced even to that effect.

    Speaking with her arrest in the backdrop, Mr. Shariff showed his indignation, when he pointed out to a recent press conference held by VHP and Bajrang Dal, where the groups drew unsubstantiated links to Banu’s conversion from Hinduism to Islam and resulting role in “terrorism financing activities.” He said that the theory of “Love Jihad”, which is propounded by such groups is a mere concoction and has no supportive evidence. He then quoted a report by TwoCircles.net, where our correspondent had reported report previously published “>Kerala police’s cases against hate campaigns launched by right wing organisations to create communal disharmony.

    Mr. Umar Shariff also described the loathsome manner in which Ayesha Banu, a mother of three was paraded by the police in front of the world with her 4 month old baby in her arms as a criminal, while no evidence, of her involvement in any illegal activity has been proven yet. He said, “what is the need for the police to take her to Bihar for interrogation, while they could have done the same thing in Mangalore.”

    While the preliminary announcement made by Mr. Umar Shariff on social media was that the topic of the press conference would be on “MUSLIM ORGANISATION’S REACTIONS TO AISHA BANU’S ARREST”, but the actual conference was titled “STOP SPREADING HOAX OF LOVE JIHAD, OR FACE LEGAL CONSEQUENCES”. After his address, when the media asked if the representative organisations’ aversion was against Ayesha Banu and her case’s portrayal in the media or against the concept of “Love Jihad” which was zealously advocated by the right wing groups, he replied saying that it was against the latter and he has nothing against the “entire media.” “Even I am a part of the media, how can I be against my own fraternity,” he added.

    He used the platform to call VHP, Bajrang Dal and other such organisations for a discussion, if they have anything against the community.

    When asked what he has to say about Ayesha Banu and her case, he replied, “We have nothing to say about her case, there is law and the law will take its course.” He said his his (Mission Possible) opposition is only towards those who are creating the “hoax of Love Jihad”. “We will take legal action against those spreading such hoaxes,” he emphasized.

    “Mission Possible” is a joint program run by Discover Islam Education Trust (DIET), Huda Islamic Studies, Message of Peace, Wisdom Islamic Studies and Education, Centre for Truth Message, Iqra Educational and Charitable Trust, Islamic Research and Guidance Centre, Islamic Research Centre and Peace for Humanity.