Days of election silence begins in Nepal

    By IANS,

    Kathmandu : Nepal imposed a two-day election silence which bans all political campaigning to enable voters to think over their choice Sunday and Monday, before the country holds the second Constituent Assembly election Tuesday.

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    A total of 12.4 million people are entitled to vote in Nov 19 Constituent Assembly elections. From Saturday midnight, parties’ months-long election campaign came to an end and candidate’s supporters were engaged on personal contact with voters.

    “Once the silent hour comes into effect, the political parties, candidates and their representatives are strictly banned from campaigning,” Xinhua quoted Election Commissioner Ayodhi Prasad Yadav as saying.

    Members from 122 political parties, as well as independent candidates, will vie for 601-member Constituent Assembly that is expected to write a new constitution. The last day of election campaign was marked by several mass meetings in support of the candidates.

    During the days of election silence, borders with China and India would remain sealed and liquor sales would be banned. Media would be prohibited from openly supporting any political parties with their reporting.

    Nepal is holding second Constituent Assembly elections after the first elected in 2008 election failed to promulgate a much-awaited constitution that will institutionalise the republic established in 2008 after the 240-year long monarchy was toppled.