Trinamool Howrah candidate Prasun Banerjee’s assets up

Kolkata : Former Indian football captain and Trinamool Congress MP Prasun Banerjee, who is re-contesting the Lok Sabha polls from Howrah, has declared assets worth over Rs.79 lakh — an increase of more than Rs.24 lakh over 2013 when he won the seat in a bypoll.

His rival from the BJP, actor George Baker, possesses Rs.4 lakh worth of moveable assets, but does not have any immoveable property.

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Banerjee, whose total income for 2013-14 was Rs.7,98,710, has moveable assets of Rs.65,90,060 while his sole immoveable asset is in the form of a residential flat, currently valued at Rs.14 lakh.

Besides Banerjee, his wife has moveable assets of Rs.5,19,600 and a residential flat worth Rs.15 lakh as immovable asset.

In the 2013 bypoll, Banerjee had declared an annual income Rs.6,43,290. Within a year, his moveable assets have grown by Rs.24,48,060.

His moveable assets also include an SUV he purchased for Rs.7,29,584 – months after becoming an MP. While he does not own any gold, his wife has 200 gm of gold ornaments worth Rs.5 lakh.

On the other hand, Baker who has shown an annual income of Rs.2,19,167, has moveable assets worth Rs.4,01,562 including a car now worth Rs.1,10,000 and bullion valued at Rs.50,000.

Baker’s wife, also a professional actor, has declared her annual income to be Rs.1,97,296. She possesses moveable assets worth Rs.7,84,211, including gold ornaments worth Rs.3 lakh and bank deposits in excess of Rs.3.74 lakh. She too does not own any immoveable assets.