A day after Pakistan attack, strict vigil at Delhi school

New Delhi : Security at a Delhi school was very strict Wednesday, with policemen frisking everyone entering the premises, a day after a school was attacked in Pakistan’s Peshawar city. Pupils said the principal and teachers advised them to be careful, and immediately inform them if they find anything suspicious.

“Soon after the morning assembly prayers, our principal addressed us with the opening line that we should not fear such acts,” said Arjun Narula, a student of Modern School in central Delhi, where police increased security.

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“Security in our school was a bit strict today (Wednesday). The guards were frisking everyone (excluding students and staff) who were entering inside,”

A gun-totting policeman was deployed outside the school’s main gate. The watchmen at the entrance only opened the gate after getting confirmation from the principal or school staff.

Class 10 student Gurmehr Singh said: “Nothing as such was instructed during class, but I heard a few teachers discuss about yesterday’s incident in Pakistan.”

Another student, Garima, said: “Our principal and teachers advised us to be careful. They asked us to immediately inform the authorities or guards if we find anything suspicious activity.”

Security guard Kamlesh Chandra said they were maintaining a visitors’ register and noted down names of every person entering the school.

“Before school started, the principal asked us to gather at the ground and instructed us to remain more alert while on duty,” Chandra said.

The school starts at 8 a.m. and gets over at 2 p.m.

At least 11 security guards keep a watch on the school’s security during the day, while seven remain on duty at night. Two-three guards remain deputed round the clock.

Narendra Kumar, a constable of Delhi Police’s quick reaction team (QRT), was posted outside the school.

He said he arrived in the morning and was to stay on duty till evening.

Delhi Police Tuesday sounded an alert to keep a watch on schools in the capital. They sent a message to all 160 police stations in the city to keep a check on schools in their jurisdiction.

There are over 5,000 government and private schools in the capital.