On 12th anniversary of Guj riot, CLMC demand prosecution of Modi

By TCN News,

Hydreabad: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee on the occasion of 12th Anniversary of Gujarat riots demanded that the justice must be done and “mastermind, perpetrators and criminals” who are still roaming freely must be prosecuted, including Gujarat CM Narednra Modi.

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Below is the full statement of the CLMC:

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee on the occasion of 12th Anniversary of Gujarat genocide, states that even after completion of 12 long years still the victims of genocide have been denied the justice; their life and liberty is under threat. It can be said that the basic fundamental right i.e. right to life with human dignity of the Gujarat Muslims has been curbed. On the other hand the criminals of genocide are roaming freely; they are enjoying power and not only this, the mastermind of Gujarat genocide Narender Modi is presented as prime ministerial candidate on the basis of his “performance”. To present Narender Modi as prime ministerial candidate of India is travesty of Indian democracy and secularism.

File photo: Tearful prayer

It is the biggest tragedy of India that a person whose hands are dipped in human blood of not only Gujarat pogrom, but also in Ishrat Jahan, Sohrabuddin, Kauser Bibi, Tulsiram Prajapati and many others. This type of person is presented as a leader of this country proves that there is something wrong in Indian secularism. It means that democracy is limited to elections and secularism is a show piece word.

Civil liberties wants to remind people of India that Gujarat genocide is a blot on the face of Indian democracy and all the political parties including congress. Because those who have participated in genocide at Ahmedabad’s Gulberg society, Juhapura, Baroda, Naroda patiya, Anand, Khera and other places and those who led the mob all belong to both the Congress and BJP. The Indian government is playing its role as a mute spectator, wherein Modi the mastermind of mass crimes against humanity is still in power and moreover is implementing his agenda. The silent genocide of Muslims is still continuing. Police guided and provided protection to these perpetrators. The conspirator Modi had given the free hands to the armed brigands of the RSS and Bajrang Dal, for full 72 hours and instructed the police not to act. The attacks were either led by the police forces and in some places at least aided and abetted by the police and the administration. Due to Modi’s hate propaganda the close neighbours attacked their Muslim neighbours, looted, burnt their properties, raped the women, slit their wombs, and paraded the fetus on the tip of sword. Mr. Ehsaan Jaffri was killed, cut into pieces; his head was separated from his body and played as football. When his wife approached the court for justice, she was denied justice and the main criminal was given clean chit by the court. Still his wife says that Narender Modi is the main culprit. Mr. Ehsaan Jaffri who was the Member of Parliament, his wife is unable to get justice, then what is the condition of common Muslims, how can they get justice. The silent genocide of Muslims is still continuing. Therefore, the continuation of Modi in power, the feeling of impunity and the criminal silence of the Indian government is a blot on Indian democracy, secularism and Judiciary.

One question arises in the mind of every concerned citizen on the completion of twelve years of Gujarat genocide that at a time thousands of Muslims are detained and arrested on the name of terrorism only on the pretext of suspicion. They are kept in jails without any evidence and trial. Whereas a dangerous terrorist like Modi who had openly declared the killings of Muslims, there are number of clear evidences present against but why is such a kind of person still out of the clutches of law instead he became the chief minister of the Gujarat state and the person like Modi has become the protector of law, is it not the insult or making fun of the Indian Democracy, Secularism and Judiciary?

Many Majids, Dargahs and Graveyards were demolished, bull dozers run and roads built on them; one example is the Dargah of a saint Wali Gujrati which is just few square yards away from police commissioner’s office of Ahmedabad which was demolished and built a road on it. This place where people used to go with great respect and pay their tributes, now on the same place vehicles are moving and people are walking on it. This is the best example of Hindutva hegemony. This dargah which belongs to Sufi saint poet is still questioning the people of India as to where is the justice and democracy.

File photo: Gujarat riot 2002

The ruling classes have unleashed the worst-ever fascist outrage on the people and the country, particularly in Gujarat, the veritable laboratory of Hindutva fascism. The Gujarat carnage is not only the worst ever pogrom of the Indian state, but also a qualitatively higher form of state terror.

On this occasion Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demands the government of India to punish mastermind Narender Modi for his crime against humanity. Unless and until Modi is roaming freely, the demand of justice will not be fulfilled; Indian democracy and secularism will always be under threat. We pay our tributes to the Muslims who have sacrificed their lives by resisting Hindutva fascism and we also express our solidarity with the people who are still fighting for the justice assure that the struggle would continue till the achievement of justice.