NGO charity dinner to raise funds for 10,000 Indian widows

New Delhi : To empower widows by providing them livelihood and educating their children, the Loomba Foundation, a global NGO, organised a charity dinner here ahead of the International Widows Day June 23 vowing to support 10,000 widows across the country.

The theme of the event organised Saturday evening was ‘Justice for Widows – Corporate Social Responsibility’ and it targeted the country’s corporates to channelise two percent of their profits towards social causes such as empowering widows as per the new Companies Act 2013.

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The Loomba Foundation announced that a sewing machine each and training would be provided to 10,000 widows all over the country from the funds raised at the charity dinner.

Founder and chairman of trustees Raj Loomba CBE said: “The funds collected at the charity dinner will be utilised to impart skill training in sewing and tailoring to the impoverished widows. On the successful completion of the training, they will be given a sewing machine each to earn their livelihood.”

Meanwhile, the UK-based lawyer and goodwill ambassador for the NGO, Chris Parsons will set off on foot to cover 30 marathons over 30 days in India to try and raise $1 million for the cause, it was announced.

The marathons would begin from the Gateway of India in Mumbai, Jan 10, 2015, and conclude in Bangalore 30 days later.