Ulama Council march for reservation to PMO; held by police on way

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

New Delhi: Rashtriya Ulama Council today took out a march from Jantar Mantar to gherao the Prime Minister office, but was held by police on way.

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Rashtriya Ulama Council is holding an indefinite protest and hunger strike at Jantar Mantar since February 17 demanding inclusion of Dalit Muslims and Christians in the SC/ST category.

RUC is fighting to against ‘injustice’ done to two major communities of the nation since 1950 who have forcibly been barred of their constitutional right to reservation in employment, education and establishment.

RUC announced that if the government does not heed to their demands, they will campaign against the Congress party in the coming general elections.

A civil petition is pending for nine years in the Supreme Court from 2004 challenging the validity of a 1950 order, which in third paragraph says, “No person who professes a religion different from Hinduism shall be deemed to be a member of the Scheduled Caste.”

The government has sought time from the Apex Court on at least on eight occasions for replying but has not submitted any response to the matter, delaying the issue.