Delhi LG attends the 91st convocation of DU

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Lt. Governor of Delhi, Mr Najeeb Jung was the Chief Guest at the 91st Annual Convocation of University of Delhi and delivered the Convocation Address on this occasion.

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Speaking to students at the Convocation, Shri Jung said, “There is no greater pleasure that one can have than speaking to sparkling minds that wait to burst out with enormous energy and enthusiasm and pave a way of life that only the young can dream of, and at this stage of life it is all about the fulfillment of dreams. The young have the right to dream, dream of the future, dream of the exalted, dream of the mountains you will climb and the valleys you will traverse.” He urged them to have high and lofty dreams and achieve those dreams.

Lt. Governor of Delhi, Mr Najeeb Jung

Exhorting the students to become more other-regarding, Shri Jung stated, “forthrightness and openness to accept viewpoints of others and an intrinsic belief in an inclusive society will lead society to peace. Giving space to others materially or in thought is a big challenge. It becomes a bigger challenge because in the developing world and in a developing country such as ours, when the size of the cake is limited, we tend to first think of ourselves and of our own clans and kin.” He urged the students to go beyond their own interests and think of many others who have not been as fortunate as them.

Speaking about the strength of India and its rich tradition and practices, Hon’ble Lt. Governor added, “We are a great nation that over centuries has assimilated the best of cultures. We have been blessed with great leaders and thinkers. Our Constitution was conceptualized and thought through by some of the finest and most sensitive minds of the time and because of this Constitution, India remains committed to justice, liberty, equality and fraternity of our people.” He asked the students to embrace these values in their lives as well.

Enjoining upon the students the task of building the future of India, Shri Jung said, “You are the generation which would take us forward. You have to give utterance to the souls of the poor. You are the young who need to ensure that the poorest of the poor will find voice in society.”

He ended his Convocation Address by recalling his years at the University of Delhi. He said, “I left this university 41 years ago. What I am today is thanks to this university. It has been blessed with great teachers and with great traditions and I hope that each and every one of you here will feel the onus on you to take forward the traditions of this great institution.”