Attack on Muslims is a malicious act of Saffron Sikhs and Para military forces: CLMC

By TCN News,

Hyderabad: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) has condemned the two side attack on Muslim community in Kishanbagh of Hyderabad city. CLMC believes that the incident that occurred yesterday does not come under the purview of riots; in fact it is the target killing of Muslims by the Saffronised Sikhs and the BSF as well as the local police forces.

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On one side the Sikh community burned the houses and business establishments of Muslims and on the other side the police while giving free hand to those perpetrators they also opened fire on the innocent Muslims who were trying to understand as to what conditions led towards violence. The Sikh community people were roaming freely with the naked swords and other lethal weapons where the police was mute spectator. Not only this, the police and the BSF even supported these perpetrators and provided them all kinds of help to attack the Muslim houses, their vehicles and shops. As per the sources, the Sikh jawans of BSF killed the Muslims intentionally. CLMC wants to clear that the attack on Muslims is organized and pre-planned with logistical support by the local Hindutva terrorist Raja Singh.

This committee denounces the police attitude on confusion of whether the Kishanbagh comes under the Cyberabad limits or Hyderabad limits. The Police department does not want to take up the responsibility of firing as well as killing of Muslims. The police joint commissioner’s stated that he ordered the firing in air but it is a strange matter that the bullets directly hit the chests of the deceased. Here the police ignorance and anit-Muslim attitude of police clearly reflects from their actions and statements. This kind of incidents indicates that in future the Muslims lives and liberty is on stake.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee warns the Sikh leadership that their community is under the grip of the Hindutva fascist forces. This dangerous trend will lead to the disaster of their community. At this high time the Sikh leadership should awake, become aware and guide their community as to what is right for them. They should not forget that they also belong to minority community and should always remember the massacre of Sikh community by these Hindutva forces on the roads of Delhi in the year 1982. At this moment the Hindutva forces are using the Sikh community against the Muslims by saying that they belong to the branch of Hindu community; but the Sikh community leaders should bring the reality before their people and know which direction is correct for them. Otherwise, the situation for them may go out of control and they may become the target of these fascist forces in future.

Here, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee wants to clear that the anti Muslim forces have infringed in police and Para Military forces as well as state establishments. So, whenever they get an opportunity, they use it completely to destroy the Muslim community. Now it seems that Muslim blood has become cheaper than the water. Muslim community has lost confidence on the state machinery. To restore their confidence, immediate measures should be taken by the Indian government from the grassroots level to the highest level. Otherwise, secularism, democracy and judiciary will become a joke.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee takes this matter very seriously and will take up this issue at the highest level and approach every possible authority to attain justice and to expose the anti-Muslim mind set up in Indian establishments. This committee demands to sack the police officer who ordered the police firing and also demands to register a murder case on those who fired on the innocents. We seriously demand for judicial enquiry by a sitting judge of High Court on the two sides attack on Muslims because this is not a routine riot but an organized and pre-planned attack on the Muslim community which comes under the crime against humanity.