Popular Front condemns police firing in Hyderabad demands action against Police

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman KM Shareef in his latest statement released today condemned the police firing on Muslim mob which killed three people and left more than 20 injured. He demanded the authorities to take strict and immediate measures to ensure peace in the affected areas and to check spread of violence.

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“It is shocking that Police acted so partially in a situation where two communities were clashing each other. Police fired at unarmed protesters while there were still men armed with swords roaming freely on the streets right before their eyes,” Shareef said, adding that such discriminate police response will only jeopardise the communal harmony which they are claiming to protect. Shareef demanded state government to take immediate action against the responsible police officers and compensate to the families of the victims.

“Meanwhile, only hours left for the Lok Sabh election results, possibility of more violence still exists in the state, the central government must take all necessary measures to avoid any such occurrences. What triggered this new clash and who played behind it still remain unclear, there must be an impartial investigation to the incidents to bring the real culprits in to book” the statement continued.