Canadian PM congratulates Modi, praises Indian democracy

Ottawa: Congratulating India’s prime minister-elect over his victory, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he is looking forward “to working with Mr. Modi and the new government of India to further strengthen our social and economic partnership to the benefit of our citizens.”

In an official statement, he commended “550 million Indian citizens who peacefully exercised their right to vote. The unprecedented scale of these elections emphasizes both the vitality and strength of India’s democracy.” Canada, Harper emphasized, “is proud to share with India the values of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.”

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Deepak Obhrai, parliamentary secretary to the foreign minister and for international human rights, congratulated Modi and the BJP on their electoral success. “These elections clearly illustrate that Mr. Modi’s message of economic revival resonated with the Indian electorate. Under the leadership of Mr. Modi, India is poised to reach greater heights.”

“These elections highlight the maturity and strength of India’s democracy and I can say we rejoice with the people of India as they embark on a new direction under the leadership of Mr. Modi,” Conservative MP Kyle Seeback said in the House of Commons May 16.

He also referred to Modi’s achievements during his term as chief minister of Gujarat: “As Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Modi made it (Gujarat) one of India’s best-performing states economically.”

Obhrai, an Indo-Canadian, said “our government congratulates Mr. Modi on his win. We look forward to working with Mr. Modi to strengthen the existing social and economic partnership that exists between Canada and India.”

“A clear majority for the BJP enables the new government to take measures aimed at boosting growth and investment, removing regulatory bottlenecks and restoring fiscal balance. If implemented, these will restore investor confidence and lead to a resurgence of growth creating new opportunities for Canadian business.” said Peter Sutherland, President & CEO of the Canada-India Business Council and former Canadian High Commissioner to India.

“One of the big criticisms of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government was that it delayed the implementation of key reforms, seen by many as key to long-term growth,” this pre-eminent business organization stated.

Modi, they noted, refocused the BJP party platform on a commitment to make India “globally competitive” and to reclaim India’s role as a global trading power.