6th All India Minorities Business Summit & Awards 2014 in New Delhi

By TCN News,

New Delhi: The 6th All India Minorities Business Summit & Awards with the theme ‘Minorities Under New Business Environment: Developing Skills and Entrepreneurship’ is scheduled to be held at India Islamic Cultural Centre on November 21.

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Eminent speakers for are likely to include Dr Shariq Nisar, former Fellow, Harvard Law School (USA); Syed M Quaim, executive president, Imamia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mumbai; Sirajuddin Qureshi, CMD Al-Hind Group & chairman IICC Delhi; Khalid Ali, CMD, Multigain (UP); Irfan Alam, founder SAMMAAN Foundation & former Fellow Harvard University (USA) and Mufti Barkatullah, Shariah advisor, Islamic Bank of Britain, UK, a release said here.

Zafar Sareshwala, Prime Minister Modi’s close aide and CMD of Parsoli Corporation, Ahmedabad has been specially invited on the occasion. Union Minister Nitin Gatkari too is likely to attend the event.

Maeeshat, a magazine focusing on business and economy of minorities, has planned this summit, rather as an interaction between Minority (especially Muslims) businessmen; economists and the government.

The general theme revolves around what will the Modi government change for Minority’s economic status. “Is Modi government serious to change Minorities’ economic status or it is just another appeasement trick? Since Narendra Modi came to power at the Centre, there has been new environment among businesses, industries and corporate sectors that the new government has new ambitions, strategies and also making new platforms for minorities as well. It can be a kind of appeasement of minorities (especially Muslims) or making an image of ‘Development For All’ irrespective of religion and ideology,” the release said.

“What are the opportunities for minorities in the new environment? What kind of involvement of minorities should be there in these new circumstances? How minority businessmen will avail benefit from different Government schemes? How and what should be the participation of Minority Businessmen? This business summit is an attempt to find out such answers,” Danish Reyaz, editor of the multilingual Maeeshat, said, adding, “We want to play a bridge between the government and pubic.”