Muslims in India more than 15% but denied social justice: SDPI

By TCN News,

Dubai: Despite Muslims numbering more than 15% of the population, the community is marginalized in all levels of life and basic amenities of livelihood; they are denied social justice, education employment apart from reservation in even political bodies, according to Ilyas Thumbay, national advisor of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

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“Since Independence, Muslims are facing constant brutality and suspected as terrorist or fundamentalist. It is a matter of concerns as to how Muslims have to struggle to sustain their existence in India. Marginalization of Muslims and other backward downtrodden (Ahinda) communities and anti-constitutional policies of political parties are the main reasons behind the birth of SDPI,” Thumbay said at a programme arranged by Indian Cultural Society (ICS), an NRI outfit of the SDPI, on November 21, Friday here.

Muslims in India more than 15% but denied social justice: SDPI

Traditional family politics and dividing Muslim majority areas into reserved seats has blocked the chances of Muslim candidates’ representation in the Parliament and in state assemblies, he said and demanded balanced representation of all social groups in legislatures and all administrative bodies nominated by the government in proportion to their respective population.

Naseer Karaje, chief of Karnataka state, ICS, in his presidential address explained the services rendered by the ICS in the Emirates among expatriate community such as blood donation, dead body repatriation, employment assistance and other possible help to all Indians irrespective of religion and cast as and when required.

Muslims in India more than 15% but denied social justice: SDPI

Faraz Brahmmavara delivered the welcome address and conducted the programme. Thumbay entrusted SDPI membership form to Akbar Ali, Surathkal and Ibrahim Addor. Munavvar, Tamil Nadu general secretary-UAE and Naushad from ICS’Kerala- secretary were also present for the program. ICS Deira area president Shakir Nellyadi delivered the vote of thanks.