Jamiat-e-Ulema to oppose bail plea of HRS members accused in Pune techie murder case

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Mumbai: Jamiat Ulema Maharashtra has decided to strongly oppose bail of Hindu Rashtra Sena members accused of allegedly murdering techie ‘Mohsin Shaikh’ in Pune during communal violence broke out in the city after purported uploading of insulting images of Chatrapati Shivaji and Shiv Sena founder Balasaheb Thakarey on social media.

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On Wednesday Jamiat appointed lawyers Mateen Shaikh and Nisar Tanboli appeared before the Bombay high court and requested court of permitting to intervene in the bail proceedings of HRS members, especially HRS chief Dhananjay Desai. The move was objected with force by Desai’s lawyers. After listening to both the sides, Justice Mrudula Bhatkar asked Jamiat lawyers to apply for permission of being ‘intervener’ in the case and the court shall decide upon it on next hearing date – two weeks later.

Mohsin Shaikh (file photo)

It has been reported that Mohsin’s father had met Jamiat Ulema last week and urged for appointing senior lawyers in opposing bail applications of Mohsin’s murderers.

Speaking to the press, Jamiat Ulema legal cell secretary Gulzar Azmi said, “Mohsin’s family had requested Jamiat of assistance (in opposing bail of his murderers) and after consideration we have accepted their request and decided to appoint senior lawyer before Bombay High Court”.

Although state government has declared that Adv. Ujwal Nikam, a well-known public prosecutor who appeared for state in 26/11 case and 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case, would represent state in Mohsin’s case but his services cannot be availed at this time by the state as the trail has not started so far.

Mohsin’s family was concerned that in the absence of Adv. Ujwal Nikam HRS members’ bail would not be opposed with magnitude and hence requested Jamiat to appoint senior lawyer as intervener before Bombay High Court.

Pune’s session court have rejected Desai’s bail plea on 30th July sighting prima facie case against him because of which he approached Bombay High Court for the relief. He was arrested by crime branch on June 10 along with 20 other active members of HRS who were found to be allegedly involved in murdering Mohsin Shaikh on 2nd June in the Hadapsar area of Pune.