Al Qaeda is trying to create wedge in Indian society

By Syed Ali Mujtaba,

The statement by Al Qaeda chief Ayman Al Zawahiri that his terror organization is trying to establish an Indian branch to recruit Indian Muslim youth to carry out terror act has stirred a hornet’s nest in the country.

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Zawahiri’s statement has breaded suspicion among the Hindu community against the Indian Muslims and some view them as being anti-national.

Ayman Al Zawahiri

At the same time Zawahiri’s statement has terrified the Indian Muslim community who feel the publicity given to such sensitive issue may lead to another round of witch hunting and they may be subjected to custodial torture in the name of national security.

The statement of Al Qaeda chief has not only created a divided in the country but has deepened the polarization among the communities. These fears are not unfounded, as in past too such attempt has been made but the resilience of Indians had foiled all such provocations.

It is in this context the recent statement issued by Al Qaeda’s chief Al Zawahiri has to be read with lot of care and caution. There is lot of sub text while reading between the lines and this has to be understood while reading his statement.

It appears that the statement by Al Qaeda chief Al Zawahiri could be another fake statement concocted by the SITE Intelligence group, a front of the Israel’s intelligence wing Mossad to divert the global attention from the Palestine’s cause. It could be seen an attempt to whitewash the genocide that Israel has committed in Gaza strip of Palestine.

The SITE Intelligence Group is run by Rita Katz, a former Israeli soldier and now a Mossad agent. The SITE is always the first to carry Qaeda related news. When such statement is issued by Al Qaeda’s, SITE actually acts as the very own Public Relations Firm of the terror outfit.

Then there is a possibility that CIA could be behind giving publicity to Zawahiri’s statement because Al Qaeda essentially opposes US policy of global domination. So CIA in order to protect its interest could be fanning global fear trying to rally societies and nations behind pan Americana.

In this context one has to take note of Sibel Edmonds the FBI Whistle Blower who stated that Al Zawahiri was in fact a NATO Military officer and that Al Qaeda was essentially a CIA operation. This was a continuation of Operation Gladio waged by the Western imperial powers during the Cold War to carry out false flag terror attacks to malign the Leftist forces, by using right wing Nazi thugs to carry out the terror attacks, to be then blamed on the Left, thus harming their popular mandate.

Whatever may be the reasons of Zawahiri issuing the statement, the fact remains that the popularity of Al Qeada is on wane. The group like ISIS has come to the fore and has acquired center stage. Al Qeada is facing existential problems and the statement of Zawahiri has to be seen in such context of a decadent organization trying to assert its global position.

As far as India specific agenda of Al Qaeda is concerned, there is a possibility that the right wing communal element within the Indian Intelligence community that is aligned with the Mossad and CIA is trumpeting the Qaeda statement. Their agenda is to vilify and demonize Indian Muslims and further deepen the communal divide in the country. The regime in place at the centre has tacit support to such forces that makes easier for the Hindutva brigade to implement their fascist agenda.

So it’s a testing time for the Indian Muslims and all the secular minded citizens in the country. They have to be vigilant about such nefarious designs. They must counter this communal fascist propaganda and expose such lies at all cost.

Indian Muslims, are protected by the Constitution and laws of India and do not need the dubious help of any foreign terrorist outfit. Indian Muslims should consider Al Qaeda statement as a disservice to their cause and should not head to such invitation that may amount to anti national activity.

There were similar statements issued by Al Qaeda earlier. It was during height of Afghan war that was launched by the US against the Taliban regime. Even an US citizen was found to be fighting by the side of the Taliban during operation enduring freedom. But no Indian Muslim was lured to Al Qaeda’s agenda of global Jihad that was spearheaded by Osama Bin Laden.

Here it may be recalled that Taliban was created by the US to fight the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was brought to the theater of war to recruit Muslims from all over the world to fight Soviets, called ‘evil empire.’ Even at that point of time no Indian Muslims joined his ranks.

When Osam turned his back towards US and founded Al Qeada and appealed for global recruitment to his organization, even then no Indian Muslim ever headed to his call.

However, at that point of time, there were several Indian Muslims who were rounded up for such suspicion and subjected to custodial torture but in the end all proved to be a hoax call.

In fact, in Tamil Nadu, a debate raged whether, Al Umma, a terror organization, is linked to Al Qeada. The national intelligence organization was hell bent to label it as international terror group, but the state level intelligence called it an organization of local disgruntled youth.

Similarly, there were many home grown terror organizations that have sprung up due to their local discontent but have nothing to do with any such global organization. It is the intelligence, security agencies that brand them having external links. In course of judicial scrutiny all such cases were found to be a hoax. However, in such cases the accused were vilified and security sleuths were decorated with medals of patriotism.

So it’s a testing time that waits Indian Muslim youth. They need to be very careful and vigilant about such propaganda. They should not be indoctrinated by any extremist violent ideology such as the Al Qeda, ISIS or any similar terror organizations.

The Muslim youth need to understand that the ideology of such terror organization do not belong to the enlightened and moderate mainstream of Islamic thought that is against any form of physical violence. So all peace loving Indian Muslims must condemn the alleged statement issued by Al-Qaeda chief that unnecessarily implicate them.

Muslims are loyal citizens of their country and they must fight Al-Qaeda if it ever tried to create a presence in India. They should be careful and vigilant about such conduct happening around them and chase away any dubious character indulging in such activity.

It is hoped and assumed that like past all such propaganda done by Al Qaeda has fallen on deaf ears of the Indian Muslims, the recent statement by its current chief Ayman Al Zawahiri may too turn out to be the same.

Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at [email protected]