Modi’s foreign policy has enhanced India’s stature globally: BJP

Bengaluru : The foreign policy of the BJP-led NDA government, reflecting the country’s age-old cherished cultural and civilisational values, has enhanced India’s stature globally, the party said on Friday.

“Bharat (India) enjoys an enhanced international stature today. There is not a single global forum where our country’s civilizational message had not reached and echoed,” the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said in its foreign policy resolution adopted at this national executive meeting here.

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Noting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s maiden speech at the United Nations General Assembly in Hindi on September 27 last year had energised Indians living in the country or overseas, the resolution said Modi had restored pride in the country’s civilisational identity and cultural traditions.

“Modi’s call for accelerating reforms of the UN Security Council has imparted urgency to our efforts. His suggestion that the United Nations should become G-ALL has encouraged the world community, which is divided into countless power blocs, to sit up and think,” it said.

Similarly, Modi call for declaration of International Day of Yoga in the UN was adopted with record co-sponsorship and within record time, it noted.

“Inspired by the new atmosphere of dynamic leadership, our diplomatic corps, including our special mission at the UN, have worked hard to secure unprecedented support to the prime minister’s proposal.

“In just 75 days, 177 member countries of the UN have supported and adopted the resolution to celebrate June 21 every year as the International Yoga Day,” party’s spokesman M.J. Akbar told reporters here, quoting from the resolution.

Retracing the footsteps of the country’s age-old virtue of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ where the world is considered as one family, the foreign policy had reached many countries the world over with sovereign equality as the guiding principle, he said.

“Our new foreign policy provided strong leadership and new vision to East Asia summit (EAS), ASEAN+India summit, G-20 summit, BRICS summit and SAARC summit,” Akbar said.