UP Ittehad Front to start public awareness rallies

By Waris Ali, TwoCircles.net

Lucknow: Six months after Rashtriya Ulema Council’s announcement in Aligarh to form UP Ittehad Front by joining hands with smaller political outfits—Parcham Party of India, Welfare Party of India and Indian National League—failed to raise any ripples in UP’s political scene, the parties has once again announced launching of their outfit in Lucknow.

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The UP Ittehad Front was first announced on March 10th, in Aligarh and now again it has been announced in Lucknow on August 25th.

Besides, RUC all three outfits hardly command any following among Muslims and emerge only before assembly polls by conducting their ritual of holding odd press conferences. RUC though takes part in polls but its support too is on the decline since its inception in 2008 and has not met with any electoral success.

The aim of the UP Ittehad Front remains the same—to form a platform for anti-BJP and anti-Samajwadi Party group and contest the polls. This time however S Q R Ilyas of WPI was not present during the relaunching of the front.

The lofty claims include—Amir Rashadi of RUC: “ To provide an alternative to people and expose the misdeeds of SP who claim themselves as socialists and BJP who boast themselves as nationalist.”

For Mohammad Suleman of INL, the front is an alternative to minorities as they have been cheated so far by every party including BJP at the center and SP at the state.

The front claims to reach out to people from the first week of September with rallies planned in different districts of UP. The leaders however claimed that doors are open for like-minded political parties.